Amber Jade Mealing  [AJM]

Melbourne, Australia

︎ tainted_amber

Born in Melbourne, and born again in NYC, Amber found her passion for film in the art department on various sets in New York’s bustling scene. Having worked on Emmy-Award winning show “A Crime To Remember”, and indie darlings such as “The Light of the Moon” (2017) and “A Vigilante” (2018), Amber’s attention to detail - teetering on O.C.D - and jovial demeanor keeps her in the hearts and contact books of many.

Amber now pursues her own visual rhetoric as a director, creating music videos and fashion films in Melbourne’s alternative scenes. Her aesthetic in a sentence - If Nadia Lee Cohen and Tarantino had a brain child that was fed the observationalist musings of Harmony Korine and burped up Grey Gardens.

Amber hopes, one day, they bring Philip Seymour Hoffman back from the dead so that he may play her in her inevitable biopic.